NOW is the time! The time to what, you ask?


  • to check and update beneficiaries on all your accounts;
  • to check your real property deeds to ensure everything is set up properly;
  • to talk to your loved ones about medical wishes;
  • to nominate a Guardian for your minor children;
  • to select your trusted people and make it official through estate planning documents;
  • to start giving your children/loved ones family heirlooms that you do not use anymore;
  • to review your current estate plan documents, if any;
  • to organize your records as to make it easy for your trusted people to find and use assets if you become incapacitated or when you die;
  • to share the contact information of your Tax and Financial Professionals with your trusted people;
  • to make sure your business documents are up to date;
  • to share your wisdom with the next generation(s);
  • to talk about funeral arrangements; AND FINALLY,
  • to take advantage of our low rates because starting January 2023 we are raising our fees!

Why NOW?

  • because now you can, who knows what tomorrow may bring;
  • because peace of mind is priceless;
  • because what the law says may not be what you want;
  • because all too often I meet with people who have waited too long and the cost and toll it takes on the family is tenfold;
  • because your loved ones will be grateful;
  • because estate planning is money well spent.

As a quick reminder, our Married Couple Estate Plan Package includes the following documents:
– Pour-Over Wills for both;
– Two Power of Attorney for each spouse (one Financial and one Healthcare);
– Two Advance Directives;
– A simple Revocable Trust;
– One deed and other related documents.

As Estate Planning is so much more than a set of documents, during our appointments, we will also address in detail various minor child provisions, all financial assets and real and personal property – how they work, how they will be distributed and the options available to meet your goals.

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