Free Educational Events

Our Free Estate Planning Educational Events Are Indeed FREE

To The Community

FREE, as in you do NOT have to pay a fee or buy a ticket to attend. However, you do have to let us know if you will attend, so we can plan accordingly.

We are so excited to partner with The Well in Norman and provide these free classes for the community! Everyone is welcome!

There are morning and evening classes to fit everyone's schedule. 

To REGISTER and for more information please click here!

"The class that Mona provides at he Well is an exceptional start to provide your loved ones peace of mind when your time is drawing near, if you Love your Love Ones I recommend attending this free, informative class."

"My sister and I attended the Free Estate Planning Education. One of the best decisions one could ever make. It is important to prepare yourself in the matters of "financial" and to have a plan. Even if you don't use the information right away, or not at all, KNOWLEDGE is powerful. It is better to be educated and be proactive, then to not be educated and have to wait until something "happens" and be reactive. The topic discussion included subject matters on Will's, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Guardianship, and Advance Directive. All of which, in my opinion, are tough subject matters to talk about. Mona did an excellent job in presenting the information. I would recommend this class to every adult."

If you have any questions, you may contact us directly, as follows:

Read more about the classes in the Norman Transcript - click here!

Some of the questions we will answer, but please bring your own:

  • If I do not make it home one day, then what?
  • Who will care for my minor children?
  • Who can access my bank account to pay the bills and mortgage?
  • Who has the authority to access my business accounts?
  • What is a Minor Child Guardinaship Nomination? How do I choose a Guardian for my minor children if I don’t trust anyone?
  • What happens to my life insurance/investments/cash if I become unable to make decisions? What about upon my death?
  • How can I provide for a gradual distribution to my heirs? Can I create incentives?
  • What is the difference between a Will and a Trust?
  • Why do I need a Power of Attorney? What happens if I do not have one?
  • What is & how to avoid probate? Why should I want to avoid probate?
  • What about my creditors, taxes, business,….?


Why is the event free?

Because Estate Planning and people are my two passions in life and so I love volunteering my time to educate the community on what happens if we become unable to make decisions or when we die.Regardless of age, health, or financial situation, every one of us needs to learn about Estate Planning.

I also believe that during a group event people feel more comfortable asking questions and/or they learn from other people’s situations. Also, during a planned event, people receive much needed information without feeling any pressure to make a decision or sign up for a service when they are not ready.

Why do you need my email and phone number?

Email is our preferred communication method for several reasons. The main one is that we can send and receive emails at any time of the day without disrupting each other’s workflow. Also, if you do not remember something, you can always go back and read it. Lastly, we use emails to keep in touch, answer questions and provide additional information about the events.

We very rarely use an attendee’s phone number, butwe had times when we reached out by phone for expediency reasons. 

Can I or should I bring my spouse?

Feel free to bring your spouse, a friend, a neighbor or anyone who will benefit from the information. You do not have to bring your spouse if they are not available or interested. You can take notes and share the information later. Please remember to RSVP for everyone attending!

What do I do if I cannot find your location, or if I have to cancel at the last minute?

Things happen, so if you cannot find your location, or if you have to cancel at the last minute, please send us an email at Mona@UnityLegalServices.Net or give us a call at (405) 857-8231 and leave a voicemail. We check our email and voicemail several times before an event, especially if we are expecting you.

Thank you for your interests in our Free Estate Planning Educational Events! We hope to see you soon!

Our Client Reviews

"Mona did a great job of covering these items that we so badly had been concerned about & loved that she allowed you time to take all into consideration with no pressured sales pitch that you might expect in meetings of this nature. The food provided was outstanding. Mona, you are to be commended on your sincere desire to educate people on these issues that we often delay. We highly recommend that you attend if you find yourself in this situation."


My husband and I went to an estate planning class that Mona presents to the community at no cost once a month. I had some preconceived ideas of estate planning and all it entailed. I quickly discovered that what I thought I knew was very little. It prompted my husband and I to have a conversation between us and with our parents. Our parents now have peace of mind knowing their wishes will be carried out without challenge, and we have peace of mind knowing we won't have to wade through probate and deal with extra expenses. Jeanne W.
Thank You Unity Legal Services for an amazing presentation and taking the time to education families like mine. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Estate Planning presentation and found it informational, easy to understand, and applicable to my life. If you are unsure about a trust or an estate, call Unity Legal Services!! John L.
I attended an Estate Planning presentation with Unity Legal Services and I am so glad I took the time. Even though I realized that we may be unprepared

if something bad happens to us, I am now educated on how things work and on what I need to do to avoid going to court. Thank you, Mona, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak with such passion on ways to protect my family!


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