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Welcome to the educational corner! These tutorial videos are here to help you learn to navigate the world of Estate Planning and Probate in Oklahoma. Please browse below to find the topic of your choice and watch the video to learn more. Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube page to receive notifications when new videos are posted.

We constantly work on improving this free service to the community through updated content, new topics, and real life-examples. As such, if you have a suggestion for a new topic, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Will your loved ones be able to locate all your assets if you die or become incapacitated?

Existing Trust? Are all your assets transferred to your Trust? Will probate be required?

Minor children? Watch this before listing a potential Guardian as a beneficiary to financial assets!

Local, Affordable, Trustworthy & Responsive, but what else makes a good estate planning attorney?

Don't be afraid of the process - the type of information an Estate Planning attorney needs from you!

Power of Attorney - What Is It; When Does It Work; Why You Should Get One NOW!

Do you already have an Estate Plan? Congrats! Here are some things to consider!

DIY Last Wills and testaments and Incomplete Estate Plans May Give You a False Sense of Security.

Mom/Dad only had a few financial accounts when they passed. Do I need to probate?

What personal information is included in a Petition for Probate?

Minor Children as Beneficiaries to Life Insurance? Think again!

Why you should attend one of our Free Estate Planning Presentations

Estate Planning Myths - Busted

5 Reasons you need Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Single Parents

Estate planning - Do these TWO things now

How much does an attorney charge to draw up a Will?

Oklahoma Probate, Last Will and Testament

How do probate attorneys get paid

Is Probate Necessary? Why?

Do I need a Power of Attorney if I have a Will?

Are you inadvertently disinheriting your kids? Will your step children inherit?