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Our Client Reviews

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We had such a great experience using Unit Legal Services. Mona was very professional, knowledgeable, detailed oriented and fast! We could not be happier with the end result! Highly recommend!

Irina Tucker

Mona is great at explaining and presenting all the components of an estate plan. She breaks things down into easy-to-understand examples and solutions. She is very relatable and listens well.

Ginna Bradshaw

Thank you Mona. You made our estate planning simple, listened to our wants & concerns, & helped us navigate through the process. We greatly appreciate you.

Wendy Barnes

I enjoyed the casual atmosphere. Loved being able to ask questions. I learned a lot of helpful information.


Very informative.
I would recommend her to my friends.

Florencia Briglie

Great company. Really helps guide you though the legal process

Andy Scarborough

I attended one of Mona’s workshops and found it very informative! Highly recommended to anyone that is looking for help with Estate Planning!

Adam Dobrenz

Mona makes everything involved in estate planning and end of life decisions understandable. We are very pleased that we came to her.

Eann Robinson

Mona is great at explaining and presenting all the components of an estate plan. She breaks things down into easy-to-understand examples and solutions. She is very relatable and listens well.

Ginna Bradshaw

It was a pleasure working with Mona at Unity Legal Services. Mona is very professional, patient and goes the extra mile. I now have my affairs in order and truly appreciate her and her services. I will recommend Unity Legal Services to anyone looking for estate planning.

S Czentnar

Unity Legal Services did it very professional job for our family. We highly recommend anyone in need of setting up their trust along with their wills use this service. We were extremely pleased with the process and the end result totally met our needs.

Kathryn Zahrai

Monica provided me with excellent legal advice and services on mineral rights. She explained everything well and came through with all questionable issues. I found her to be reliable, courteous and professional. I highly recommend her without any reservations.

Claudia Maria

Mona breaks estate planning down to a level that you can understand. She’s knowledgeable and willing to work with you to find the best possible estate option for you and your family.

Kale Tarrant

Mona is very professional and she explains things well. It was a pleasure working with her. I would not hesitate to call her again.


Mona is wonderful. Very caring, informative and does not pressure you into any decision regarding your estate planning. Would highly recommend and use her again!

Nicole Alvarez

I had an extremely informative and enjoyable time during the Estate Planning Seminar. Thanks for your wealth of insight and professionalism in helping people understanding Probates, Wills, and Trust.

Joe Decker

Mona helped me understand the importance of estate planning. She put it in simple terms that I can easily follow. I had no idea how valuable having real property in a trust is until I met Mona. Please use her and get your ducks in a row now, before its too late.

Faithann Basore

I talked to Mona Guziar at Unity Legal Services several times about the usual concerns that come with having a minor child and Mona explained everything to me in manner that made sense and made me feel prepared for the future! Thank you so much for all your help.

Oana Herlea-Pana

Mona is amazing at breaking down this complicated process and explaining it in a way even the most inexperienced can understand!

Kendall Rogers

Mona was easy to work with, professional and worked hard to address our needs and answer our questions. Thanks Mona!

Tyler Krieger

Mona is truly a professional. She handled my case as if it was her own. Thanks for doing an amazing job. Definitely recommend this place.

Julia Kang